Events by 27andahalf*- Time Habits

Make more sales with Andy Bounds

Date: 23/07/2019

Address: Worsley, Manchester, UK

Hosted by: Andy Bounds

We are delighted to present the UK’s Sales Trainer of the Year, Andy Bounds. ‘Improving Sales’ for all attendees in...

Make effective time management a habit! 27andahalf Steven Watson

Date: 18/11/2019

Address: Worsley, Manchester M28 2QT, UK

Hosted by: 27andahalf, Steven Watson

There is no shortage of time management tips, techniques, and strategies, so why are you still finding yourself with too...

Month of Massive Action webinar

Date: 27/05/2020

Address: United Kingdom

Hosted by: Steven Watson

Get involved with MMA - you'll be glad you did! Over the past few months I’ve been doing something called...