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APD Resolutions Ltd are a company that wants to hear about concerns or issues businesses may have for start-ups; for business growth and corporate or personal development. The simple, flexible APD Model has been used successfully for 25 years to deliver achievement in the areas of Business Start-ups; Business Analysis; Business Growth; Business Audit; Project Management  and Goal Setting.

Coaching and Advisory techniques are about pushing the full potential of the person or organisation. APD will help you to get more out of every session; leaving you on top of the world you are ready to conquer.

APD offers a unique Project and Business Planning model as well as renowned coaching courses.

It is extremely important for all companies to have value-added personnel within all areas of their teams – this way the company will thrive.

By being able to develop the exact courses you require, APD will help you to have the right people doing the right job at the right time.

APD are prepared to go that extra mile to make this happen.

CONTACT US to discuss the full list of courses available and how we could develop a specific schedule, exactly for your needs.

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Online Training by APD Resolutions

Posted: 07/11/2018

Type: Business & Personal

New online APD GOLD (Global Online Learning Development) training webinars. APRIL 25TH AND 26TH 5PM TO 7PM, 2HRS PER NIGHT...

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Hywel, his material and the way it is rolled out is superb. I can't recommend APD and Hywel highly enough for any business wanting to move to the next level.