BACKUP North West

BACKUP North West (Formerly Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme) was set up in 1992 with the aim to provide support and accommodation to vulnerable and homeless young people in Bolton. 

We deliver a range of services that include accommodation, support, advice and guidance with 2 aims:

  1. Preventing Homelessness
  2. Increasing Independent Living Skills 

We have a number of different projects: 

  1. Castle House (Short Stay, Emergency Accommodation for 16-17 year olds)
  2. Chances (An amazing team of support workers who offer extra support to young people who are at risk of losing an existing placement with us or are experiencing some additional issues and in both circumstances we want to prevent repeat homelessness.)
  3. Lucas Project (This project has 26 flats and bedsits with staff on site 24 hours a day. Young people living here can be supported with medium and some high needs.) 
  4. Project Front Door (This is an intensively managed service with staff available 24 hours a day for 12 vulnerable young people with high support needs. This service is designed to provide short term placements to offer a foundation for semi-independent living.) 
  5. Plan B (This is a branch of one of our projects, designed as very short stay, emergency accommodation for 18 year olds who may have "burned their bridges" with BACKUP or other housing services. The aim of this project is to prevent rough sleeping and reduce harm.)
  6. Stonechurch (The Stonechurch Service has been adapted from an independently living scheme, to a high needs intensively supported service. There are 14 flats with staff on site to provide support for ever increasing complex needs.)
  7. Supported Tenancies (We have 40+ units of accommodation including self contained flats and shared housing across Bolton. They are fully decorated to support independent living. Young people will be supported moving in and managing the property with the aim after a period of time, that the young person move into their own secure accommodation after gaining the skills and knowledge to manage on their own.) 
  8. Supported Lodgings (There are currently 8 units of temporary accommodation in a family or young adults home, usually a spare room. The householder, along with a member of BACKUP staff will support the young person on a daily basis with independent living.)

Projects Coming Soon: 

  1. Cavenham 
  2. Claremont 

At BACKUP, we regularly hold events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness, our core events include: 

  1. Our Annual Gala Ball
  2. Ladies Lunch 
  3. Golf Day
  4. Sleep Out 
  5. PJ May Campaign

You can find full details of our upcoming events on our Facebook Page or Website. If you would like any more information about any of our events, please email 


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