BRC Compliance Solutions

BRC Compliance Solutions

BRC Compliance Solutions

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Walton-le-Dale, Preston, UK


BRC Compliance Solutions offer a sophisticated BRC-V8 gap analysis product. Users answer questions for each clause, and these automatically indicate whether that clause is compliant. The relevant documents (e.g. policies) for each clause can be specified. If there is a gap, users outline required actions, and set severity and deadlines for actions. Verifiers can examine whether the corrective action is effective. 

Comprehensive reports mean that users can easily see completion and compliance for the standard, and for each section. There is helpful detail about outstanding actions, so users can work on tasks which have been assigned to them, and progress is automatically updated. The option of email notifications allows users responsible for certain sections or actions to be kept up-to-date with corrective action taking place. 

Having high food safety standards is important, and BRC Gap Analysis allows you to easily and confidently evidence that you meet these standards. 


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Ensuring your processes make you BRC compliant

Date: 25/06/2019

Address: Balliol Cl, Padiham, Burnley BB12 7DW, UK

Hosted by: Progrex IT Solutions

This event is a must for food manufacturers who want to be BRC compliant. Barbara Bray is our keynote speaker....

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