Coaching business leaders and their teams to  develop better habits; connect them with their values, and perform at their best more of the time. 

  • Our purpose is to bring out the best in everyone we meet. We do this by:
  • Coaching individuals and their teams to be more effective in achieving their intended purpose
  • Facilitating reflection upon current performance and help to articulate aspirational goals for the future
  • Encouraging experimentation with different ways of working to achieve more of what people need in life and in work
  • Supporting teams to develop and become high performing teams
  • Supporting people to develop potential in others by enabling them to be at their best more of the time and deliver better results.
  • Our philosophy is based upon our strong belief that:

To stay on top of your game and successfully deliver your business objectives you need to take regular time out to reflect, learn and improve

Everyone has untapped potential and the personal resources to develop and change from within; and that this requires the courage to take action and learn through personal experience

Sustainable change comes from following a holistic approach to personal and organisational change focused through a values driven approach

Success comes through open and honest relationships enabling challenge and support and encouragement

To find our more about how we can help you to be at your best more of the time please call Phil Badley on 07805 597716

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I am Louise, the founder and director of LHT Wellbeing Ltd. My business offers a school based programme called ‘Wellbeing Warriors’, which is an evidenced based therapeutic intervention to support children in raising their understanding of emotional resilience, and to support them to gain confidence, increase in self-esteem, and also provide children with skills and tools to equip them with lifelong learning in managing their emotional state. I am actively involved in delivering the programmes in schools and work closely with Head Teachers and their teams. I also work 1-1 with children and adults in supporting emotional wellbeing, this is delivered with a person-centred approach with any issues relating to Parent-Child relationships, or any issues that are impacting upon the functioning of the individuals. Being a new business of 2 years, and becoming self-employed for the first time, I felt that some coaching would help me in exploring my ideas and developments of the work I do, which is where I began 1-1 coaching with Phil. He helped me be able to free the potential in myself, and explore my business plans for the future. He allowed things to become alive rather than just an idea, and supported me to expand upon my ideas and approaches in my field of expertise. I have always come away from our sessions feeling energised, positive and ready to put the plans into action. Phil showed empathy towards the issues I presented with, and was able to help me see into the future. He supported me to be proactive, think that things are possible, and helped me discover a way to make plans and ideas happen. He has helped me to determine my next steps as a business, and he has great knowledge in the business field. He is a conscientious business coach with contagious energy, and helped me quickly determine strategies for moving into my vision of growth. Phil is gifted in understanding my purpose, and helped increase my confidence to see that my dreams are worthy and possible. He is talented in being an active listener, and building rapport was easy from the start. He really is a natural in coaching, and I would surely recommend him if you are looking for new or existing business coaching and support. Louise Green, Director, LHT Wellbeing Ltd