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Holistic Development brings together personal development, business support, community, news, and a place to find all the services and products you need, right on your doorstep! Everything we do, we provide with 1-2-1 support!

Gemma Gardner (founder) has been motivating and inspiring women throughout the North West, to succeed in life and business, for years. She was awarded the inspirational business woman of the year 2017, and is currently a finalist in the Ex-Forces Military Awards. Her aspirations are to work with women who lack confidence and self-esteem, and to help them realise their dreams!

As a mother, taking care of your family and finding time to do the things you want too can be practically impossible sometimes, but with our support and mentoring, you can do so much more, become so much more! Whatever your dreams, let us help you realise them! The only thing you will regret is not trying it! Today is already here, why wait for tomorrow?!

The future for Holistic Development is helping real people with real lives overcome adversity and succeed! Through our coaching cloud, we engage with our members daily, providing 1-2-1 coaching whenever it’s needed. Our online courses are structured to ensure focus, vision and support. Every six weeks a new course begins and steering groups are provided by our CEO, on a weekly basis, to keep you on track and help you develop! No matter where you are, you can join in through our online chat room, or in person!

Whether you want to build a business, or grow an existing one, find ways to save up for that once in a lifetime holiday, or have the confidence to make new friends and experience new challenges, we can help!

Check out our list of online courses and workshops, seminars and mentoring groups, to meet your every need! If we don’t currently have it, tell us and we will develop it for you!

So, stop wasting your life making excuses and start living! If you want to do something, we can help you achieve it!

Our creditability comes from years of coaching and mentoring individuals, working with strategic partners for business support and development. Our MD and CEO are both retired military, with a wealth of academic experience, and a desire to help others! Why learn from someone else, when you can be taught by those who have been in your shoes, who know what you are going through, and how to come out at the other end, in the place that you deserve to be!

Your support helps us to fund the Foundation, our not-for-profit organisation that run’s community engagement projects and help’s those in need. 

Call us today to see how we can help you.

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