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Defined by the name, Lucid Technologies strives to introduce innovative workflows for digital media in the Live Entertainment industry, pushing the creative boundaries to new extents. We specialise in designing technical solutions to solve creative problems in Live Events, Theatre, Corporate and Bespoke Projects.

We are a small team of bright-minded individuals with a passion for what we do. 

Lucid Technologies was founded due to a need for better collaboration, a need for more highly integrated systems and a need to break down creative barriers caused by technical limitations.

We believe that the greatest shows can only be created when there is a completely seamless collaboration between technology and creativity, and we want to help make the greatest show possible.

Lucid Technologies is able to offer a full production service, where we can bring all the resources needed together for your project. We can oversee all the various parts of production from lighting to effects to give a harmonious show to fulfil your dreams. 

We offer a variety of services which means we are able to look after all the different processes that need to happen for to create a successful project.


Technical designs specifically for your project, to maximize efficiency and to minimize expenditure. From power distribution to high-speed networking, we can take your ideas and specify exactly what you need, where it needs to be and how it needs to be used.


Lighting designs to fit your project, with fixtures specifically chosen to compliment and enhance the elements of your project. We use the latest in LED and moving lights to fulfill your requirements. 


Video is taking over production designs, anything that illuminates can be a pixel. We like to work creatively with technology to make unique visual experiences


We can supply our media servers as standalone units to be integrated into your own video production rack or as a fully integrated package. We ship them in our custom Pelican Cases with all of the standard accessories or in a wheeled rack - perfect for touring. 


Lighting consoles, networking equipment, software licences & high-performance computers are available to dry hire. Ideal for previsualisation & long-term rental. 


We can provide LED screen, projectors and other display devices and surfaces. Standard rectangle screens or screens that are more complex like curved LED wall or 3D projected surfaces.


We are specialists in developing interactivity for audiences, from large scale web-based projects to solo interaction we've got the technology & experience to try and make anything possible.


Taking what we know from live entertainment we have developed high-tech escape rooms, digital dining experiences & immersive education environments. 


We are always on the look out for the latest in equipment, software and hardware. Because of this, we are always trying out the latest products on the market.

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