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As a leader of a manufacturing business you want increased efficiency and higher productivity. This is where Progrex IT Solutions come in. We develop bespoke workflow solutions for manufacturers. Because our solutions are bespoke, they have all the features that you need. We will link the solution to your other solutions, to avoid doubling up of data entry. 

We work with you to specify the steps in your process, and explore how those processes can be streamlined. We then develop a solution that automates these processes. Our intuitive solutions do the following:

  • - Drive the workflow from one person to the next.
  • - Log actions, ensuring an audit trail.
  • - Give users access depending on their role, adjusting visibility and editability up to field level. 
  • - Notify users, and chase when action is needed.
  • - Link to other data sources, such as list of suppliers, list of products, stock levels.
  • - Track time taken from one step to the next, so management can see where bottle-necks are.
  • - Include business logic.
  • - Encourage collaboration away from email.

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