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She Inspires Foundation CIC

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Confidence is something we all need.  

It enables us to face the challenges of life and achieve our personal goals. Sometimes that’s about getting through the day. And sometimes it’s more than this.  Both are worthy ambitions.

Everyone who attends one of our workshops starts from the same place, regardless of personal circumstances.  Pressures of life can seem unbearable  but support from others, insightful advice, and simple kindness can and WILL help.

At She Inspires Foundation, we’re not therapists, counsellors or psychologists.  We’re just new friends, on a mission, to help YOU.  

We have known what it’s like to be in a place of near despair, which is why we know how to deal with it, and find a way to somewhere safer. None of us need to know about the personal experience of each other, we just need to provide the help to leave that experience behind.

Our workshops are unashamedly positive.  

We work with victims of domestic abuse, with patients facing extreme health challenges, and with everyone who simply struggles with life.

We focus on personal goals, and enable everyone to help themselves and to help each other.  If work is one of the goals, there is extra support. We’ll train anyone who wants to start their own business, or we’ll assist you to find a job.  

If appropriate, we may even contact an employer for you.

The workshop is only about one thing, 


We offer you the warmest of welcomes, and we  can’t wait to meet you.

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