The LIFE Expo

The LIFE Expo

The LIFE Expo

Date: 26/01/2019

Address: Concorde Conference Centre, Wilmslow Old Road, Altrincham, Manchester, UK

Hosted by: Pink Link Ladies

The LIFE Expo is an expo for ladies who want to get in to business, grow one or find motivation and inspiration to change their lives in some way. With a projected 100 exhibitors, we have every resource to develop or grow your ideas.

Start Or Grow A Business - with help from our business advisers, find out how to patent an idea, get advice from marketing experts, PR consultants, app and website developers, not to mention banks and funding experts who can give you funding to make your dreams grow.

Buy a Business or Find An Opportunity - We have numerous franchises that are available to purchase, taking the risk out of starting on your own. Or we have a wide variety of 'at home opportunities' which you can set up alongside the kids, or for adding income to a full time job.

Change Your Path - Ditch the script of LIFE, rewrite your story by changing your career path! We have recruiters, employers and training providers there for you to completely change your current career.

Motivate & Inspire - Being in enterprise is not just about business. We have to look after our health and well being too! Come and hear our expert speakers, their mission of the day is to inspire and motivate you to set goals, and achieve them.

Some of our speakers include:

Rosie the Cake Diva - The first ever British Army female helicopter pilot, who ditched her career to bake cakes! Now you'll find her over on channel 4, or chatting to the queen with her VERY extreme bakes! Think life size queens guard or a 6 foot version of Big Ben - that is whole LOT of cake!

Leanne Brown - Not just a 'real housewife of Cheshire', Leanne is passionate about empowering women, none more so than the ladies she helps over in Africa and India to avoid FGM and forced marriages. Working with the charity 'One Woman At A Time', Leanne helps raise funds to put girls through education. Not only that but Leanne has a SUPER exciting life inspiring product set to launch very soon!

Elissa Corrigan - A one time ladette who ditched her beer guzzling ways and 'banished the b**s**t' - the absolute PICTURE of glowing health, Elissa is coming to LIFE ready to tell our ladies how they can lose weight, be healthy and look after their minds with an unrestricted diet!

Dr Cheryl Chapman - Do you know why you're here? What your purpose in LIFE is? Our resident doctor is ready to help you find out! 'Find your why' is a best selling book, empowering men and women all over the country to find their purpose in LIFE.

Catherine Edsell - Catherine wanted to travel the world, but she couldn't find a baby sitter - so she ditched her LIFE script and developed an adventure program to include the kids! Come and listen to Catherine, and get ready to trek the world!

What ever your reason for 'COMING TO LIFE'.... We can't wait to welcome you. Tell your friends, your mother, your daughter... bring the hubby (we have Concorde for crying out loud, he will be happy!)

Let us help you achieve all your LIFE goals!

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