Sales Development Manager

Sales Development Manager

Sales Development Manager

Closing: 31/10/2019

Position: Permanent

We are looking for a Sales Development Manager.

This will be someone who is interested in product attributes and can identify suitable propositions. You will support and understand Client needs in areas of operational benefits and workflow efficiencies, supporting the business case for targeted products and services. You will ensure these are met by delivery and customer support of the proposed solution applying knowledge of New Technology in Business.

You will be eager to;

Be proactive by bringing together internal activities required to deliver product & services by clearly supporting the solution definition.

Understand and work with project plans, define and agree timescales and ensure execution of the project to completion

Place yourself in the marketplace to recognise and process sales opportunities through to handover of delivery and implementation.

View the process from the Client’s aspect to anticipate and work with their challenges, issues and pains to enable the build of the right solution.

Present Innovative and realistic business development plans focussing on your own, the team and the company future development, with targets.

Report to and work with Directors and the Operational, Development & Delivery Team.

Demonstrate and Illustrate benefits through Demonstrations, Models & Case Studies in focussed presentation style.

Be adept at producing all documentation for internal communications and Customer proposals and support of development path.

Qualifications & Experience

Degree Level Education or Similar with achievement through Workplace Business Systems Practice and Understanding.

Some Typical Market Sector experience would be General Wholesale, Manufacturing, Food & Drink.

Management Education, Training and/or Experience with an Understanding of Operations & Control, Marketing, Commercial Processes, Manufacturing.

Delivery of Customer Service & Sales Opportunity Development

New Technology in Business Transformation


This may provide an opportunity for an already established achiever in this type of role or may be suitable for someone wishing to move more positively into a sales role from other business operational areas of expertise. This may be relevant to someone who has worked as sales support and delivery, looking for a change and to realise an ambition by stepping up.