Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales & Marketing Executive

Closing: 31/08/2019

Position: Permanent

thebestofbolton is a local marketing company based in Bolton we are dedicated to supporting local businesses owner's and helping them to grow. One of our quality standards is we take on a business as our own and take pride in delivering results.

We are not just limited to Bolton and there are plenty of events and other services we provide to businesses outside of Bolton.

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for someone smart and switched on, someone hungry and ambitious someone who knows that marketing is the driver of all successful business and that everything else is subservient.

Someone who already understands the difference between direct marketing and brand marketing.

Someone who pays attention to the little details.

Our new recruit will have to be enthusiastic, ambitious and fun. You'll already have some sales and marketing experience, it is tremendously important that you're smart and liable too. Its important we work with people we get on with at thebestofbolton so we know our clients will also feel comfortable with you too.

A few other important skills required are:-

  • A whizz on social media, instead of us saying no phones and no social media in working hours we want you to be all over it.
  • Being able to multi- task and sometimes have to pick up other duties such as admin or data entry.
  • Organising and putting on various events such as networking, expos and social activities.
  • Thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative and interesting ideas.
  • Confident enough to be left to your own devices and communicate via several means such as phone, face to face, social media with both existing and new clients.

Whats the package, Well, the truth is that we're pretty flexible, if you come to us with bags of experience and a good network of connections across Bolton and the wider areas the package will be greater then someone who has alot less experience.

The more you bring to the table the more we want to reward you.

We do believe in facts and results so there will be a probation period and the faster your produce results the quicker you get rewarded .

There will be opportunity for progression for superstars :)

Sounds good. Whats the catch? The catch is that we're real sticklers for results. We're a small team and we can't (and won't) carry slackers so you'll need to be 'on your game' pretty much all the time.

But apart from our almost religious focus on results, we're lovely, we're fun and we'd love to work with you, maybe!

Get in touch and tell us why we absolutely positively have to offer you the role.