7 days to master your stress and anxiety in lockdown

7 days to master your stress and anxiety in lockdown

7 days to master your stress and anxiety in lockdown

Posted: 10/05/2020

It's safe to say that as a nation we are all feeling the effects of lockdown and with the Prime Minister's announcement that measures will continue for many of us for weeks or months we are happy to announce that Prescription Hypnosis is here to help.

Prescription Hypnosis and Channel 4 hypnotist Aaron Calvert have produced a series of videos to help you destress and relax in isolation.

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Just under 66% of us are currently feeling more affected by boredom, stress and anxiety than we are worried about our general health* and it's no surprise that lockdown and isolation are having a massive impact on our overall wellbeing; and the number affected is on the rise.*

With more of us feeling stressed and anxious than ever before it's never been so important to know how to manage our stress and learn to relax. It's not just important for our physical and mental health right now, it's also going to be crucial to help us better readjust when normality resumes.

Doctor turned hypnotist Aaron Calvert swapped his stethoscope to help people with all matters of the mind. Founding Prescription Hypnosis, a nod to the doctor foundation, Aaron offers a unique approach to therapy combining practical and hypnotherapeutic techniques to achieve amazing results for his patients. His extraordinary techniques have seen him erase a couples’ memory on Channel 4 in ‘Hello Stranger’, hypnotise first-time flyers at 30,000 feet and more recently Aaron teamed up with VICE’s Change Incorporated to produce a 7 day guide to quitting cigarettes with the power of the mind.

With health and mental well-being at the top of Aaron’s priority list both at home with his heavily pregnant wife and 6 year old son and for the country affected at large, this free video series will be a welcome resource to many.

‘I’m really excited to have put these videos together and help people demystify their feelings, help them understand stress and anxiety and provide real techniques to help people unwind and get back on top of their mental health.’ Aaron Calvert (29)

The video series ‘7 days to beat stress in lockdown’ starts on Monday 11th May 2020 with a video a day being released covering topics including: understanding stress, Aaron’s top 7 tips to relaxation in isolation, teaching parents to recognise stress in their children and teens and the best ways to destress whilst working from home.

The short videos, which will be available on the Prescription Hypnosis website and will also be distributed via Aaron’s social media platforms.

The website will host additional content about each day’s topic for further help, support and tips. Plus there will be further content available online including a downloadable relaxation session for people to take advantage of.

With so many of us stuck at home and no clear end in sight it has never been so important to take charge of our own emotional hygiene so we’re able to better cope with the imminent changes to society.

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