Connecting fans with their sporting heroes

Connecting fans with their sporting heroes

Connecting fans with their sporting heroes

Posted: 01/08/2019

Michael Hall McPherson has spent the last seven years creating events to bring fans together with their sporting heroes. He combines being a football fan himself with his experience and contacts as a manager and agent, to make fans’ dreams come true, giving them the chance to meet their heroes face-to-face at unique events across the county. 

A year-and-a-half ago Michael set up MHM Media Group Limited with the same goals, simply swapping from sole trader to a limited company to provide more reassurance to fans buying tickets. He realised that he needed a brand to reflect this change and a website to add credibility to MHM’s services.

“As a fan myself I understand how much the clubs and players mean to fellow fans. I am in the privileged position to have the contacts within the sport to be able to create events around sporting heroes. I have the credibility from previous roles within sporting circles and coupled with ‘word of mouth’ has always ensured my events sell out, but I wanted to reassure the fans that they were buying from a reputable business. To achieve this I decided get MHM online and Stephen at Quicklaunch was recommended to me to develop a website.” commented Michael, Owner and Founder of MHM Media Group.

Quicklaunch rapidly gave MHM an online presence by creating their new website, featuring upcoming events, past events and their ‘About us’ story providing the credibility that Michael was looking for. “We offer business affordable, professional websites, making them ideal for start-up and newly formed companies when finances can be limited. MHM wanted to make an impact online to promote their events, build brand recognition and also provide credibility to their services. We created a website that reflects their identity, is easy to navigate and provides a landing place for promotions.” stated Stephen Daniels, Owner and Founder of Quicklaunch.

Michael summarised “It was very refreshing to work with Quicklaunch. They really took the time to understand us and ended up developing logo and branding for us in addition to the website. The fact that Quicklaunch is priced for new companies meant that we could invest in other areas of the business. This made the whole project a real success for MHM. We’re so pleased with the outcome.”

With the previous popular events including heroes such as Kevin Keegan, Teddy Sheringham, Tony Adams and more, fans can look forward to finding and booking interactive Q&A sessions, special VIP experiences, the chance to get their hands on exclusive and personalised memorabilia, as well as the opportunity to meet their heroes face-to-face. Following the successful launch of the website, this can all be done via the website and with the confidence of knowing that they are buying from a reputable company.

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