Helping hand for hospitality

Helping hand for hospitality

Helping hand for hospitality

Posted: 05/05/2021

Helping Hand for Hospitality

Over the last 12 months Perfect Recruitment have hosted a couple of webinars focused on helping the Hospitality industry during lock down and also for reopening.  These events have featured some great guests including Director Paul Limb from Actioncoach Bolton and Dr Andy Jenkins, Senior Hospitality lecturer at Hudersfield University.  We worked closely with Action Coach Bolton who provided some great marketing and also some handy business hints and tips. 

Perfect Recruitment and the team wanted to go further to help the hospitality industry which we are completely passionate about. We decided to pull together the very many companies we collaborate with regularly and have built great relationships over the years. We ask these businesses if they would be willing to help the stressed industry. Many of these great networking partners we're happy to help and in turn also allow them to showcase their offerings.

Each of these companies kindly have given their time, discount codes business reviews, SEO advice all which would highly benefit the hospitality industry. We currently have 15 business partners who have generously donated and this grows weekly.  Actioncoach Bolton have gifted a business mentoring session, Progeny HR have gifted an hour consultation on any HR related issues concerning your business. We also have a number of businesses partners from our sister company Perfect Construction who have also generously gifted many opportunities to aid with reopening in this sector.

We aim to help as many of our clients as we can whilst they focus on reopening their business in May.  We have also offered at perfect recruitment discount cards to help with initial recruitment.  However due to the amount of businesses currently recruiting full teams and also the huge loss of hospitality staff throughout the pandemic it is proving very difficult to fill everybody’s requirements.

Perfect recruitment continue to seek promising up and coming talented hospitality staff. As a business we believe the only way forward out of this huge staff shortfall is promotion and encouragement to a new generation.  Along with better conditions hours and also pay to this much loved but very much struggling industry.

Go to our  to see these fantastic opportunities and  take advantage.  Lets get moving.  If you wish to help the industry in any way or would like to be involved please feel free to contact