Introducing PH7 Insurance and Mortgages

Introducing PH7 Insurance and Mortgages

Introducing PH7 Insurance and Mortgages

Posted: 11/03/2020

As PH7 has grown as a business, we have seen an increase in our clients requiring additional advice in the fields of Mortgages and Insurance. We are blessed with the experience, knowledge and passion that both Claire and Duncan bring to our family.

 Meet Duncan Bennett, Head of Insurance at PH7

The ten plus years I have spent in financial service and general insurance has armed me with a wealth of experience and knowledge that I am very much looking forward to bringing to PH7.

I have been fortunate to work with some fantastic corporate businesses in my time within the general insurance sector and build key relationships.  I’m really pleased to have re-connected with Broker Network who will provide the over-arching support and compliance for complimenting the already successful business PH7 has become.

We are already working with a number of local businesses and individuals that in some way have had previous contact with PH7.  It’s vital we inform our existing clients that we can now support them with their business and personal insurances. 

One of our main focuses over the coming months is to work with professional services managing their risks, especially around Professional Indemnity and Cyber Insurance.

Alongside this we will also continue to work with our clients introducing them to the PH7 Health Partnership, supporting businesses and offering a complete resource of wellbeing services for their employees.

Meet Claire Blaymire, Head of Mortgages at PH7

PH7 Wealth Management has been on a great journey over the past year to become Directly Authorised.It’s nice to move forward in this new era for the whole business and be able to expand our services to clients through mortgages.

Having worked within PH7 for the last 12 months to get the business into shape for direct authorisation, it is now nice to branch out and really start making a difference with the advice services we offer. 

Moving into mortgage advice allows us to focus on helping clients in a different way, life brings us all lots of opportunities and curve balls and one of the most important areas of our lives is getting on the property ladder and remaining on it!  

Mortgage advice isn’t age specific and so it’s refreshing to be able to assist all types and ages of client with their mortgage needs, whether its buying a first house, reviewing the situation following a relationship breakdown, looking to restructure debt or make home improvements, or generally making sure the current mortgage is as competitive and cost effective as possible.

Our focus for the next quarter will be to inform our existing clients of our new services, the same with our existing professional connections and our business presence in the North West.

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