Lancashire Businesses go forth to Cumbria!

Lancashire Businesses go forth to Cumbria!

Lancashire Businesses go forth to Cumbria!

Posted: 26/02/2019

Lancashare members will be travelling up to the Lake District on Weds 27th February 2019 to attend the Northwest Business & Hospitality Show to exhibit, showcase, network, mingle with our neighbours and.... launch Cumbriashare!

Yes, news of Lancashire's 'Sharing' platform has hit yet another county with demand growing by the day.  Hundreds of businesses have joined the Lancashare platform since its' launch on Lancashire Day 2016.  Since then, members include Chambers, Councils, Colleges, Universities, Banks, Football Clubs and hundreds of large, medium and small businesses from across the county have embraced this new 'sharing' concept.  Lancashare has been up for 10 awards and officially approved as Northern Powerhouse Partners.

The aim of the site is to pool the counties resources on one central platform for everyone to benefit from. Lancashare founder, Lisa Edge said, 'how the counties employers have embraced this concept is humbling, we can only succeed, if they succeed.  Without them we are simply an empty platform, it's those businesses who make Lancashare work!  We've captured every statistic since inception and we can say, by pooling our jobs, we've begun reducing unemployment in Lancashire, by buying locally, we're reducing our carbon footprint, creating local opportunities and keeping more money in our fabulous county as well as making it as collaborative as it can be.

Lancashare is a free platform giving businesses access to vast amounts of local information, suppliers, events, awards, networking groups, jobs, tenders, property, investment, funding, advice, training and so much more totally free.  It's built from members who are taking a stand for their county, pooling their resources and accessing an array of benefits including promotion of their pages, products, services, news, social media promotion, introductions to fellow members and much more, all measured, tracked and monitored to allow us to prove the return on investment to our members.

Lancashare is a free platform and every click benefits our members and a fellow Lancashire business!  I am delighted to be involved in such an amazing new concept.  Imagine a place where the whole county are sharing and collaborating, embedding social values and supporting each other, it's very possible now with the 'share sites', in these uncertain times of change, we are, and always have been, stronger together!

Keep sharing!'