Menopause and the Workplace

Menopause and the Workplace

Menopause and the Workplace

Posted: 23/05/2022

As part of our on-going focus on Reproductive Health in the Workplace, the first of our two-part podcast in collaboration with barrister, Tom Wood was published on the Brabners website earlier this week, with part two to follow in due course.

Menopause is a significant issue for employers. As part of the production of Davina McCall’s recent documentary, Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause, Channel 4 commissioned a survey of women who were currently or had previously experienced the perimenopause or menopause.

The survey results (which also feature in a report by the Fawcett Society on Menopause in the Workplace) help to shed light on the challenges around menopause in the workplace. Some of the statistics shared include but are not limited to:

  • 44% of women said their ability to work had been affected
  • 1 in 10 women employed during the menopause left work because of menopause symptoms
  • 14% of women reduced their working hours
  • 14% of women changed to part time working
  • 8% of women decided not to apply for promotion
  • About a quarter (26%) of women employed during menopause took time off because of their symptoms. Of those, only 30% actually listed menopause as the main reason for their absence

In our menopause podcast series, we explore the challenges around menopause in the workplace, followed by a discussion around practical ways in which employers can support their employees going through the menopause.

Keep an eye out on our dedicated reproductive health page for related content on menopause and menstrual health & tackling taboo and all other aspects of reproductive health in the workplace.

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