Propella teams with Lancashare

Propella teams with Lancashare

Propella teams with Lancashare

Posted: 10/12/2019

Lancashire Day, or should we say 'Lancashare Day' 

And a day it was! A day to celebrate all the successes and achievements within our county and recognise business developments across all sectors. 

And of course it's so important to have all this professionally recorded to spread the message further across media platforms letting others know what amazing things are happening under the Lancashare umbrella. 

This is where Propella comes in. Teaming with Lancashare, Propella Video was the official video production for the event capturing the amazing event which featured guest speakers and Lancashare's own members, not to forget the amazing Aaron Calvert! 

Video is so important when getting your message out. It allows others to see and feel the positivity, capturing key information in a digestible format allowing potential clients to see what you do. 

At Propella we're super pleased to have captured the great atmosphere of the day; great celebration for all! 

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