Re-Opening Our K9 Training Grounds After the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Re-Opening Our K9 Training Grounds After the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Re-Opening Our K9 Training Grounds After the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Posted: 13/10/2021

UK K9 Training has worked hard with our clients and customers throughout the pandemic to deliver training and advise whenever possible, but finally, we’re thrilled to announce we are beginning to reopen our grounds. 

The past months have been a difficult time for all businesses. Changing lockdowns and social distancing measures have affected us all in ways we couldn’t have predicted, especially in jobs that involve close and-or direct contact, and this has been a difficult challenge for us here at UK K9 Training. 

If you’re wondering why a dog training company might struggle with the social distancing and lockdowns so heavily, we wouldn’t be surprised. Dog training can wait,can’t you train with social distancing,what about training in an open field…These are all questions that you wouldn’t be wrong to ask, but for K9 training companies that provide security dog training, the last few months have created some unexpected challenges!

Many of those we provide training for are National Association of Security Dog User (NASDU) trained security dogs and handlers, which require regular training sessions to maintain and ensure standards for both dogs and handlers. This training involves both classroom-based work, and grounds-based training which, at times, involves close contact work from the Instructors/Trainers, as a necessary part of the scenario training for all our teams out on the ground. We’ve adapted and evolved the delivery of our training as much as possible over recent months to support our existing training clients, but sadly, this meant closing our grounds to almost all other training and events. 

Our grounds will be reopening gradually, and with every respect to current and ongoing changes to social distancing and safe practices. We’re excited to get back to normal, but our priority will always be ensuring the safety of our staff, our clients, and without a doubt – the dogs! We will be coordinating with trainers and instructors in the hopes of resuming our seminars and demonstrations soon, as well as having plans for a complete reconstruction of our agility field. We’re also in the process of confirming dates for our upcoming NASDU Level 2 General Purpose Security Dog Handler course, so keep an eye out for more updates, or contact us if you’d like to hear more.

Until then, keep well, keep safe, and keep training!