Resilience Bands to support Breathe's PTSD Support Groups

Resilience Bands to support Breathe's PTSD Support Groups

Resilience Bands to support Breathe's PTSD Support Groups

Posted: 16/09/2020

At any one point, an individual may be exposed to some kind of trauma which could have detrimental implications on their wellbeing. Long-term exposure to traumatic events can result in the development of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Symptoms of PTSD may include experiencing intrusive flashback memories of the traumatic event, alterations in cognition (such as dysregulation of emotion, concentration, and sleep), as well as depressive symptoms like feelings of hopelessness and disorganised behaviours. 

Breathe Therapies

 is supported by Gemma Margerison, owner of GLC Resilience Coaching, to help bridge the gap of support for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). GLC Resilience Coaching provides a one-on-one coaching service for those who have experienced traumatic and life-changing events. Their focus is on encouraging trauma survivors to find their own strengths and make meaningful goals to achieve a happier and healthier life. 

Gemma’s main endeavour in teaming up with Breathe is to spread the message of resilience. Having experienced the hardships of PTSD herself, Gemma is on a mission to sell 5,000 Resilience Bands by the end of 2020 and raise money for three Lancashire-based charities which specialise in working with trauma and PTSD survivors, with Breathe being one of them. Clinical Director of Breathe Therapies, Shelley Perry, explains "Raising £5,000 for our non-profit company, Breathe Therapies, will mean that we can put this towards delivering free PTSD Support Groups and free Mental Health Support Groups online. This would make a massive difference and would help us help others!" 

The Resilience Band symbolises strength, courage, and confidence in survivors of traumatic events. Gemma explains "they are a physical reminder of resilience – the ability to withstand and bounce back after trauma." The hand-made vegan friendly bracelets are made up of two loops intertwined with one another. In nature, woven formations are a common representation for strength, adaptability, and stability. They are a subtle yet powerful message than can be taken anywhere. For every band purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards supporting Breathe in their aim to provide therapies for those suffering from PTSD and mental health problems. Purchase a resilience band here to support sufferers of PTSD.

Breathe Therapies is also launching a free online PTSD Support Group for anyone who has experienced any kind of trauma within their life to receive support and advice. In her mission to spread awareness of PTSD and the message of resilience, Gemma will be delivering the support group every Thursday at 7pm on Zoom. "I'm so excited to be working with an organisation that makes such a positive difference to the lives of those in need in my local area", Gemma explains. "Having had my own diagnosis of PTSD in 2015, I know first-hand how valuable therapies such as those provided by Breathe are in the lives of those struggling with their mental health, and the different they can make not just to those individuals, but their families and wider networks." These support groups can be attended by anybody who has experienced trauma, even if there has not been a diagnosis of PTSD.  

Sessions will start online on Thursday 24th September. More information can be found here: 

"The values and ethos of Breathe Therapies align perfectly to those of my own personal and professional practice, and I am proud to be able to support, promote, and contribute to their mission" Gemma mentions. 

Further information about the Resilience Bands can be found on the Breathe's website, similarly with theirPTSD Support Group.