Return to the office

Return to the office

Return to the office

Posted: 02/07/2020

We have bravely put our toes back in to the business.  Whilst Lisa has run the day to day business obligations, filled any positions we have been given it has now got too much for one person. 

After restructure of the office and the furniture.  We are lucky enough to have enough space within the building with our 2nd floor.  Desks have all been moved to more than the 2m distance apart.  The shut down of the public kitchen area and the whole office fully sanitised we are ready to receive the staff.  

The office has a temperature control area upon arrival and we are working with our cleaning "Sparkle and Shine" to regularly sanitise the building to completely reassure the returning members of the team.

Phased time arrivals on day one to keep everyone apart.  

Now is the time to start reconnecting with clients who are to reopen this weekend.