Ronset Print Specialists Enjoy Apprenticeship Success

Ronset Print Specialists Enjoy Apprenticeship Success

Ronset Print Specialists Enjoy Apprenticeship Success

Posted: 06/12/2018

Lancashare members Ronset are delighted to announce that Warren Thomas, our apprentice from NLTG, has now passed his apprenticeship with flying colours. Warren successfully completed his Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Improving Operational Performance (Performing Manufacturing Operations), in the Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies. He passed all the modules on the course but not only that he has brought so much more to Ronset with his positive and willing attitude.

Chris Durham, Ronset's Commercial Director, stated:

“We are absolutely delighted to announce that Warren has now come out of his apprenticeship after passing all his modules on the course. Warren is a lovely lad, he always has a smile on his face,  gets on with his work and is always eager to learn. Well done Warren, keep up the good work.”

North Lancs Training Group

Ronset sourced Warren as an apprentice through North Lancs Training Group who are one of the largest independent training providers in the country and provide a fantastic service for any employer who wants to take on a new apprentice. They recruit apprentices for employers or train existing members of an employer’s team. NLTG deliver Level 2, Level 3 and Higher Level 4 and 5 apprenticeships in a wide variety of occupations including: Furniture Occupations, Business Administration, Customer Service, Information Technology, Catering and Hospitality, General Manufacturing, Warehouse and Storage, Trade Supplies, Glass Occupations, Carpentry and Joinery, Team Leading and Management and Retail.

"Ronset are now looking for a new apprentice for Warren`s to train with the skills he's learned.

Taking on an apprentice can be very fulfilling and rewarding, and can certainly benefit both the employer and the apprentice, so we would definitely encourage any employer to think about taking on one and helping them get a foot on the career ladder."