Tina Walsh a Local Business Woman & Author

Tina Walsh a Local Business Woman & Author

Tina Walsh a Local Business Woman & Author

Posted: 10/02/2020

Please come along to this FREE event and meet local business people who have written a wide range of books including business books, educational books and children’s books.

Hear very different experiences of writing their books. Discover the reasons why they decided to write their books and their individual journeys through the process.

This event is also ideal for those who have thought ‘I could/should write a book’?

Learn from the experiences on how to write, why they decided to write their books and pitfalls to avoid.

You’ll be sat at a table with an author who will tell you a little bit about their book writing idea and experiences in putting pen to paper. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you may have including how to start writing your own book. The authors will swap tables, so you should get to hear from at least 4 different authors and different experiences.


Gill Bailey - ‘How to Build the Passion and the Profit for your business’. This book was written and printed for all entrepreneurs. Including the over 30% of entrepreneurs who are challenged by dyslexia.

Jane Binnion - Jane has written 3 books: The Heart of Sales, Super Women of Lancashire and You're So Clumsy Charley: the first children's story book about dyspraxia.

Kieran Fletcher - His book How to Unlock Your Child’s FULL Potential is accompanied by many other story books aimed at developing movement skills and physical literacy.

Ceilia Gaze - Celia has recently released Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama: How a crazy idea can change your life and transform your business The book is an honest and highly practical guide to starting your own business, recovering from work- related burnout and bouncing back from failure.

Chris Hunter - He put pen to paper and wrote a children’s book Fin the Fox Cub.

Lynn McCann - Lynn has written How to Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Primary School, How to Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Secondary School, Stories That Explain and devised a board game called The Waiting Game.

Michael Quigley - In his first book, Kataholos, Guidelines for a Wholistic Happy Life Michael outlines the Kataholistic Philosophy, which is to take care of your body, mind, spirit, and emotional and digital health.

Tina Walsh - Tina is passionate about the property sourcing sector which you can see in her book, ‘Property Sourcing Compliance: How to Stay the Right Side of the Law’.

Anne Williamson -She has written ‘Are you a one night stand business?’ using the steps of dating to illustrate the importance of building customer relationships for businesses online and offline.


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