Transforming the wedding experience for couples during COVID with the Virtual Wedding Wall

Transforming the wedding experience for couples during COVID with the Virtual Wedding Wall

Transforming the wedding experience for couples during COVID with the Virtual Wedding Wall

Posted: 23/09/2020

With new restrictions coming into enforcement for weddings across the UK - reducing the number of guests further from 30 to just 15 - it’s causing an increasing amount of stress and anxiety for couples who should be solely focused on enjoying their happy occasion.

Prescription Media have been proudly supporting couples through these difficult times with our Wedding Live Stream to ensure friends and family don’t miss out on the big day and the all important ‘I DO’ moment.

With the new announcements there’s now added pressure to further reduce the guest list - a tough job as is - but Prescription Media have come up with an exciting way to invite all guests to be present at the big day with their virtual wedding wall.

The projection technology means guests not only get to watch the special moments from home but share in them too as they are projected into the ceremony room, meaning the happy couple can see, talk to and interact with all of their guests.

Prescription Media in association with Ribble TV have run successful trails of this new virtual set up and are excited to be able to offer it out publicly to couples on top of their normal Wedding Live Stream package which includes a bespoke wedding page used to host a live stream of the big day.

Emma of Mr and Mrs Nicholson said “We changed our wedding date twice, first from April to June and then to September, based on what the Government had said with opening up weddings. We didn’t want to move the date again for guests but cutting down our 100 person guest list to 30 was just an emotionally draining task. We saw friends of ours had used Prescription Media to stream their wedding to guests and thought it was a brilliant idea. Not going to lie it certainly helped with the cutting down the guest list. We wanted all of our nearest and dearest to be part of our wedding.”

Jack of Mr and Mrs Nicholson added, “I’ll be honest at first I thought it was a little corny as I thought it would be a Facebook live kind of thing and a bloke with an iPhone. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Prescription Media team took us through every aspect of how it worked, created us a bespoke webpage with our own wedding style and handled messaging links to all the guests. Stress free really. On the day they arrived with what looked like a TV broadcast amount of equipment which by some magic they seamlessly hid around the venue and it was as if they weren’t even there, taking out any awkwardness. It was just about me and the Mrs.”

Emma continued “I honestly can’t tell you how happy I felt walking down the aisle and seeing all of my family and friends at our big day. We had our 30 guests and the rest of our friends and family joined us on a virtual wedding wall. It made all the stress of the last few months vanish. At the end of the ceremony, when I was officially a wife I got to catch up with everyone from all over the UK and show off the dress! Day saved.”

Aaron Calvert DOP at Prescription Media said - “We’re really excited to now be able to bring guests into the ceremony room using our virtual wall, it’s a game changer for couples who are getting married in these strange times and we know they are going to love it.

It’s a real example of how production technology has come so far to make it affordable for the consumer market. The most exciting thing about this versus our traditional Wedding Live Stream service is the happy couple can see all of their friends and family dressed up to the tens throughout the wedding ceremony… tears and all!”

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See familiar faces, watch the tears roll, hear the cheers and show off that dress in style as your guests are broadcast into the ceremony to share that ‘kiss the bride moment’.