Winning Hearts and Minds as we Work Through the Pandemic

Winning Hearts and Minds as we Work Through the Pandemic

Winning Hearts and Minds as we Work Through the Pandemic

Posted: 13/07/2021

How do you wind people's hearts and minds during what is a very difficult time for businesses and individuals? As we start to go back to work and some kind of 'normality' in our lives, many things have changed. From work environments and new ways of working, many employers and employees are re-evaluating their systems, processes and, indeed, their lives. Understanding the challenges they are dealing with and showing support as well as guidance and leadership is of utmost importance.

Winning hearts and minds is critical to realising a successful outcome in business, whether that is simply having a difficult conversation, dealing with uncertainty or adversity, managing change, or leading an organisation through a pandemic.

PortfolioExec is running a 60-Minute Upskill workshop to help you negotiate the minefield of dealing with people's expectations and to help you manage any challenging situations that lie ahead. By sharing her experiences and learnings, Charlotte hopes to provide some simple takeaways that will make a positive impact in your business. 

The founder and director of P3 People Management, Charlotte set up the business in 2004 with a passion to work with SMEs, putting effective HR on the agenda to increase the success and profitability of their business. In times of crisis and change, as we find ourselves in now, Charlotte brings positive, pragmatic and considered solutions and believes in standing shoulder to shoulder with her clients to ensure they achieve the right outcomes for their business in the most effective and efficient way.

To book on this free workshop, email Anita at