Free Facial or Massage Treatment

Expires: 01/12/2020

By: CoverMyBubble

🌺 FREE Spa Treatment 💆🏼‍♀️

We are working with local businesses to give back to our clients, so watch this space for more treats coming soon :) 

As part of our New 'Treat your Bubble' partnership, our first collaboration is with Pure Perfection They have beautiful salons in Accrington, Clitheroe & Barrowford. 

Their Pledge: 'Discover the simple joy of looking good and feeling great with Pure Perfection. Be confident, alive and valued'.

Offer:- Take out an insurance policy with us and we'll send you a voucher worth £28 for either an Express Facial or a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.

Policies can start from as little as £️🔟 per month, with most suitable family insurance costing a lot less than you may think!
Get this great offer PLUS cover your family, should anything unfortunately happen to you or a family member.

Keep following and Share us for more offers on their way!

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Expires: 31/12/2019

By: Fuel Card Services

Whether Brexit’s hard or soft, it isn’t going to be easy on fleet maintenance budgets. With so many parts and labour) coming from Europe, costs will rise.

Savvy fleet managers aren’t waiting.

They’re seeing how to reduce spend without affecting service. One solution that’s gaining traction is MyService.Expert – part of a suite of fleet management tools called My Fleet Hub.

MyService.Expert gives fleet managers and drivers direct access to a network of garages across the UK offering discounts on servicing, maintenance, and MOTs. It’s pay-as-you-go, accessible from anywhere and already saving fleets up to 30% on parts and labour. And to keep things simple, the discounted rates are pre-negotiated.

Fleets can also save on a range of other servicing and maintenance work including tyre replacements and repairs.

There’s no joining fee, no minimum contract, and no minimum number of vehicles.

MyService.Expert provides consolidated fuel and maintenance invoices, monthly reporting, and vehicle service histories viewable online. Pricing is validated by manufacturer data and work is approved directly with each garage. Users even receive calendar alerts so they don’t miss important servicing and MOT deadlines.

Efficiently running engines use less fuel, improves MPG, leading to greater savings for managers.

See what you could save with or call 033 3006 9520

How to turn website viewers into loyal customers

Expires: 31/12/2019

By: My Fleet Hub

Connecting at an attentive, individual service level with customers should be more accessible these days. The internet has made it easier for people to find you. However, human reality is at odds with a remote service that is open-all-hours.

One of the critical aspects of a business that impacts on brands is customer service. In the digital economy, markets are much more customer-oriented, against a background of shortened lifecycles for products and increased competition. It’s a challenging environment to keep your reputation high.

How do brands connect with their customers at a meaningful level?

customer happy with her online service

Customer service sits at the heart of a brand. It can be the thing that makes or breaks many smaller brands competing in busy markets.

In an Ombudsmen Services report, 79% of people said they would avoid a brand if they had received poor customer service from it in the past.

Increasingly, smart technology adds a more vivid aspect of personalisation to products. But this means brands must have the kind of customer service to match this.

What happens when a customer is poised to make an online purchase, but they just need that additional reassurance? They are unlikely to want to pick up the phone, especially if they believe that the company will be shut and emailing the company will simply lengthen the process.

The risk is that you will lose the sale. Just as you can lose customer goodwill if you cannot respond adequately to online complaints.

There is a solution that sits between email and the telephone. In fact, it incorporates elements of both in one convenient, customer-friendly package.

Would you like more leads into your business for the next 45 days at no cost to you?

Customer happy with their service

A professional, outsourced live chat resource provides high-quality customer interaction. Due to our exclusive partnership with Chat Heroes, that service is what you can access through your My Business Advantage.

Outsourced live chat can revolutionise online customer service as it enables customers and prospects to have meaningful contact they crave while providing brands with the tools necessary to manage customer relationships efficiently and cost-effectively.

Chat Heroes is a leading provider of UK based Web Chat, and their clients typically see up to 50% of all website visitors convert to customers. That’s right, 50%!

They’re so confident in their service they’re offering a free, no-obligation, 45-day trial.

Set-up is as simple as adding a piece of code to your website and letting the team at Chat Heroes know a little about your products and services – they’ll then do the rest and deliver the website leads into your inbox!

To claim your trial and start seeing those leads roll in from your website just click here and enter code Chat45FuelCard on the registration page.

Don’t forget to check your other benefits with My Business Advantage.

How to make money and trade without any effort

Expires: 01/01/2020

By: My Fleet Hub

Trade spare capacity and you are guaranteeing to make every bit of your business earn cash. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, business service or charity cause, this solution can ensure everything, no matter what you’re offering, service or product is yielding 100% of the time.

waiter taking orders from a group of friends

Here at Fuel Card Services we’re constantly striving to connect you with new and innovative opportunities. That’s why we’re excited about our partnership with BBX, an expert outsourcing sales and purchasing team.

They are the most significant business community of its type and are offering new customers a free account upgrade worth up to £500 through our business benefits service My Business Advantage.

Certainty customer guarantee. Better cash flow

We’re all busy people, but that doesn’t stop us having spare capacity. Whether that’s too much stock, empty rooms or seats, advertising space, the use of a system or platform or the chance to leverage more of your own time.

A group of volunteers

This inconsistency of income from a part of your business is where the BBX trade exchange platform comes in. A BBX Account is a secondary bank account that enables a company to sell otherwise worthless spare capacity, without discounting, to guarantee additional customers provided by the BBX account team.

Nine reasons you should apply

Portrait of a small business owner smiling at the camera, resting on his workbench and holding a digital tablet, with shelves of wood behind him in his woodwork studio
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Increase market share
  • Interest-free credit facility
  • New customers
  • Improve cash flow
  • Enhance profits
  • Global community
  • Access to BBX rewards
  • Less stress for you

Success spare trade capacity stories from BBX clients

Emma Unsworth – Executive personal assistant to Michael Chittendon, owner of Manor by The Lake, Gloucestershire, and Woodhall Manor, Suffolk

Emma Unsworth – Executive personal assistant to Michael Chittendon, owner of Manor by The Lake, Gloucestershire, and Woodhall Manor, Suffolk, says: “Our two properties are a luxury wedding and conference venues and, like most other hotels, we have unsold rooms from time to time. BBX allows us to market that spare capacity to other clients of the BBX network, turning it into BBX pounds, which we can then use to buy products and services from other BBX clients.”

So, what’s stopping you from becoming a preferred supplier to one of the world’s largest business communities? To speak to the BBX team and find out how joining could work for your business. Just click here and we can arrange a call time with BBX.

Want to speak to someone right away? Call 0333 400 2014 and quote ADVANTAGE.

If that’s not enough then don’t forget to check out the other benefits available on My Business Advantage.

Testing times: how to avoid MOT player - save 30% on service & maintenance

Expires: 31/08/2020

By: My Fleet Hub

Did you know that just 75 per cent of vans pass their first Ministry of Transport test at three years, with lighting, brakes and tyres the most common causes for failure?

The three-year MOT exemption for the first test for cars and vans was introduced in 1967. In recent Government MOT test data for 2017, it shows that a quarter of a million vans had their first test, with 61,000 failing due to potentially dangerous defects. Since the new stricter regulations for passing came into effect last year the figures for 2018 may be higher.

MOT checking suspension

One of the reasons vans have a poorer MOT pass rate is because they are work much harder and driven over much great distances. MOT test data shows that a typical van clocks up 47,000 miles by the time it has its first test at three years, while the average car has covered 26,000 miles over the same period of time. As a result, 86 per cent of three-year-old cars will pass the first MOT – a figure that’s significantly better than similar aged vans.

The number of vans in the UK has boomed by 75 per cent over the past 20 years with a record four million on the road today. This is due to Britain’s love for online shopping, that the van market is on the rise, with the home delivery market accounting for one in every five pounds spent in retail.

Top five causes of failure during a van’s first MOT at three years

  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment – 36,660 yearly failures
  • Driver’s view of the road – 14,056 yearly failures
  • Brakes – 13,190 yearly failures
  • Tyres – 10,605 yearly failures
  • Suspension – 6551 yearly failures

Basic routines to avoid a MOT fail

If you maintain your vehicle correctly during the year MOT time will not be as much as an issue, remember a failure means you are driving around in a vehicle that fails to meet the recommended ‘minimum’ safety standard and that is not how a fleet manager operates. Here are some tips to help avoid failing a MOT

MyService.Expert lady mechanic
  • Check your lights. This easily slips through the net becoming a thing that we look at but do not actually see when it needs replacing. Tap each light to make sure there’s not a loose connection which might appear at the test. Most bulbs are easy to change but you will probably need to look in the handbook to find out how to get at them. Don’t forget to check the headlamp washers if you have xenon (HID) or LED headlamps, if these are not working the vehicle will fail the test
  • Try and get into the routine of checking your tyres. This would be for bulges and cuts as well as plenty of tread. Uneven wear means they are at the wrong pressure or the wheels are not aligned properly – get this fixed before the tyres are changed otherwise the new ones will wear out prematurely
  • Handle your wipers with care. Top up the washer fluid, then operate the washers and wipers. If the wipers leave lines on the screen or scrape over the water without clearing it, they need replacing although you could try cleaning them with methylated spirit first
  • We understand that you may be busy but try not to leave it until the last minute. You can submit your vehicle for a check up to a month before the old certificate runs out. This also gives you enough time to make any corrections should there an issue.
  • Make a check list. Having a checklist sounds simple but allows you to remember little things that you need that may have slipped off the radar. Try to read the comments after whether you pass or fail. Prevention is better than cure

Expert support from MyService.Expert

At Fuel Card Services, we make the whole process of vehicle responsibility easier. We have built up a network of garages that offer the best in terms of quality, standards, and customer service and call it MyService.Expert.

Our relationship with these dealer groups means we can offer you a full choice of service with top garages who have made genuine investment in delivering high standards of service through the hands of highly-skilled technicians.

It is simple to join MyService.Expert and free to register your vehicles, plus you get many more benefits.

The benefits of joining MyService.Expert

Here is how it works: One of your vehicles is due for a service. MyService.Expert will send you an alert, then provide discounted costs from garages near you. You compare and select. We pay the garage and then invoice you. Easy.

The benefits of joining do not end there: Fuel Card Services’ partnership with these experts means you typically save 30% on work in comparison to going direct to a franchise dealer

There is no joining fee, and no minimum contract to register your vehicles online. In addition there is no minimum number of cars, vans or HGVs that can be added.

Simplify your vehicle maintenance by booking work via the online portal. Here you can job authorise and pre-negotiate discount rates that cover servicing, repairs and maintenance. It also includes tyre replacement or repairs

The costings are transparent, based upon thorough working knowledge and up-to-date automotive data. Plus all genuine parts and repairs are protected under warranty.

All costs need your online approval before work begins. Doing this action is easy, MyService.Expert is accessible anywhere and at anytime on a WiFi connected device.

Just like your Fuel Card Services provides visible costings to keeping your business moving with fuel; think of MyService.Expert as your vehicle maintenance expense solution.

Visit MyService.Expert today or call 0844 134 0746