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Expires: 19/04/2019

By: Asentiv

Create an amazing business and a spectacular life.

Inspiring you to unlock your potential and make room for the good stuff in life.

When you analyse how you met your best clients did it all start with an introduction?

Would you like a sure fire way to generate a continuous flow of introductions to these high-quality clients who earn you the most money and are a joy to work with. They value what you have to offer and want to work with professionals like you?

· How come others get lots of referrals from their networking and I don’t?

· How can I stop being referred to clients who frustrate me and waste your time?

· How can I get a more uniform flow of clients and avoid the “feast and famine” trap I fall into?

· How can I increase my clients without spending yet more time and money chasing them down?

· How can I spend more time enjoying the results of my hard work building my business?

· How can I make my sales team more productive in finding opportunities and closing sales?

Asentiv provides entrepreneurs with the coaching, consulting and engagement necessary to attain their vision or an amazing business and a spectacular life.

The Asentiv Pro Programme is ideal for small businesses and commercial owners who want to create a strong clear business message, develop an understanding of who the right people are to create a referral partnership with, and of course in doing so dramatically increases the amount of opportunities for business.

Where do referrals come from?

Referral marketing is a team sport - You just cannot do it alone!

You must actively engage with others, working together on a regular basis.

You need 3 things to be great at this:

1. The right referral marketing education

2. Stay immersed in that knowledge to

create good habits AND

3. Get your referral network trained by

the experts.

People like referrals because of the following reasons:

· Higher closing rate

· Higher initial spend

· Client retention

You can understand referral marketing 100% although if your network is not trained, you will not receive the consistent high quality referrals you are looking for in your business.

Knowledge - You will receive knowledge through our training and workshops

Implementation - You will implement this knowledge into your business with our support and consultancy

Accountability - Through our compassionate coaching and consultancy you are held accountable for your activity which leads to greater results for you and your business.

Inspiring you to unlock your potential and make room for the good stuff in life. Gain more opportunities through people who already know you.

Entrepreneurs get into their business because somewhere in their thoughts, they have an inspiring vision of how their lives will be while operating it. They imagine doing the work they love alongside a staff that is enthusiastic about their jobs, is well compensated, and have unquestioned loyalty.

They imagine themselves as leaders in their fields, making valuable contributions to their business world and the community where they live. They imagine that owning and operating this business will create a spectacular life for themselves, their families, and all who are involved.

12 months coaching 10% off a saving of £420

Employee Financial Wellbeing Courses

Expires: 30/12/2019

By: Berkeley St James Wealth Management

We provide informative financial planning and pre-retirement sessions to medium / large organisations, at no charge. The sessions only take one hour and are a great success with delegates and the feedback shows the courses are very well received.


The sessions usually take place at your business address and cover the financial challenges that employee’s face and planning for retirement.  All our speakers are experienced in providing Financial Planning sessions and the content of the presentations are informative, current and up to date.


  • The benefits of a course are:-  
    • Diffuse tension and worry about financial planning.
    • Promote a positive and caring image of your organisation.
    • To have a cost & time effective way of communicating with a large number of employees.
    • To help communicate information to smooth the transition from employment to retirement.
    • Reduce pressure on your Human Resources Department.


The courses are provided as a complimentary service, when meeting the criteria of 15 – 20 delegates.  We would recommend that the first session provides a snap shot of the following financial planning topics:

  • ·         Family Protection Planning
  • ·         Planning for financial security in Retirement
  • ·         Savings Options
  • ·         Tax – it’s boring but relevant
  • ·         Estate Planning


Follow up sessions will be tailored to your employee’s requirements.  For example, for employees within 18 months of retirement we will talk specifically about retirement planning in greater detail.


I would be happy to meet up and discuss your requirements further.  If you have any queries or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone on 01204 531414.

Brabners LLP - Free Business Health Check

Expires: 31/12/2019

By: Brabners LLP

Business health check - are your contracts fit for purpose? 

At Brabners, our aim is to make sure your business starts the year in good shape. 

We want to ensure that businesses have a core set of contracts for everyday use - without these your business is exposed to unnecessary risk. Contracts that you do have in place also need to be up to date and fit for purpose - again to sufficiently protect your business.

To help, we are offering you a free business health check to assess the legal aspects of your business and make sure they are robust.

Existing business, start up or considering selling?

Whether you're an established business, a start-up, or even looking to sell, our free business health check can help give you reassurance.

Contact Christine Hart:

t: 01772 229 832


Let us give you peace of mind 

Our tailored free business review will:

Recommend potential areas for improvement

Minimise the risk of your business incurring unnecessary expenses or claims in the future

Prioritise the steps you need to take

Offer a no obligation quotation

Documents we will review for free

Employment contracts

Service agreements

Commercial contracts

Terms and conditions

Corporate structure

Staff handbook

Articles of association

Privacy policy

GDPR terms

Intellectual property licences or trademarks


Sign up for your free health check

If you would like to register your interest in this free service, please click below.

For any other employment issues which you would like to discuss, please contact Christine Hart.

 t: 01772 229 832