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Branded Event Gazebo

Available until: 10/03/2018

We are looking for a branded gazebo we can use for outdoor events


Apprentice delivery in Bolton

Available until: 16/08/2019

Bolton at Home wishes to appoint a Framework for a number of Apprenticeship Training Programmes. The framework is divided into...

Category: Business services


Consultancy - Manufacturing and Engineering

Available until: 23/02/2018

A Consultant is sought to deliver successful outcomes for participating enterprises in the Chamber Low Carbon Programme. To bring their...


SEND strategic review

Available until: 22/07/2019

St Helens Council are looking to commission a provider to undertake a SEND High Needs Strategic Planning Review which supports...

Category: Health & Social Care Services


Insurance services

Available until: 28/05/2019

Tenders are invited for the insurance programme of Copeland Borough Council as detailed in the tender documents commencing on 26.4.2019....

Category: Business services